Plan USA (formerly Childreach)

October 3, 2008

Okay, I am a do-gooder and a soft touch. I admit it. I am so fortunate to be have so much more than I need to survive, and I have been humbled many times in my travels by people who survive on much less than most of us do and are still exceedingly generous to me.

I sponsor a child in China through Plan USA (formerly Childreach). He is in northern Shaanxi Province. I have sponsored him for about three years now. I also sponsor a child (a girl) in Senegal, for about six years now.

This plan only costs $25/month. You get photos, updates, and it makes the world seem even smaller than it is, when you have extended your “family” this way. Just check it out, okay?

PS  One of the big pluses for me with Childreach is that it is not affiliated with a religious group. Its mission, if you will, is strictly international development. There are other charities serving children that look like Plan USA/Childreach that are affiliated with specific faith groups. I happen to prefer the “no strings attached” approach with Childreach. It’s my own belief that it is more culturally respectful to our host countries. 


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