Water Cellars for Mothers in Western China

October 14, 2008

I should kick my own behind for feeling deprived at having to wait a few weeks for some nice thing I want for my home decor. The western China development project called “Land of Love, Water Cellars for Mothers” really puts things into perspective. You can read about it in English at the link below. The rolling text on the left of the screen tells the story.

This is a government sponsored project. The Web site says, In October 2001, “Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers” was written into White Paper on Poverty Alleviation in China’s Rural Areas by the State Council. At the end of 2001, it was listed as one of the “top ten news items about Chinese women”, and in November 2003, it was selected as one of “China’s top ten public welfare brands”. Then, in November 2005, “Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers” was awarded “China Charity Prize”.

I have a strong feeling as I read the plight of these women and their families, as I sponsor a child (through Childreach) in northern Shaanxi province, one of those with chronic lack of rainfall, high evaporation, and water shortages that is served by this charity project.

If you can give anything at all, please do (every bit helps). If that’s not possible, could you at least forward the link to create awareness? Thank you so much.



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