Book Review: Chinese St. Louis, From Enclave to Cultural Community

October 15, 2008

 Huping Ling (pictured left) is Professor of History at Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, and the author of Chinese St. Louis and Surviving on the Gold Mountain: A History of Chinese American Women and Their Lives.

The book is available through Temple University Press, and their Web site says, “Chinese St. Louis offers the first empirical study of a Midwestern Chinese American community from its nineteenth-century origins to the present. As in many cities, Chinese newcomers were soon segregated in an enclave; in St. Louis the enclave was called “Hop Alley.” Huping Ling shows how, over time, the community grew and dispersed until it was no longer marked by physical boundaries. She argues that the St. Louis experience departs from the standard models of Chinese settlement in urban areas, which are based on studies of coastal cities. Developing the concept of a cultural community, Ling shows how Chinese Americans in St. Louis have formed and maintained cultural institutions and organizations for social and political purposes throughout the city, which serve as the community’s infrastructure. Thus the history of Chinese Americans in St. Louis more closely parallels that of other urban ethnic groups and offers new insight into the range of adaptation and assimilation experience in the United States.”

The Table of Contents reveals that the book documents the community from the 1860s through present day.

Also on the Temple University Press Web site is an audio of an interview with the author from 2005. 


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