Sheryl Crow’s Bootheel Trading Company

October 15, 2008

The Web site is not completely up yet, but the “under construction” splash page is probably worth a visit. You be the judge. This home-state girl from Kennett, Missouri, just keeps making us proud here in Mid-America, this time with a new line of women’s wear.

Jean styles in Sheryl’s collection include names like Missouri, Nashville and Kennett (Sheryl’s home town). Well: WHY NOT?!?

“Bootheel” refers to the shape of the State of Missouri down in the southeastern corner. Get it? Boot + Heel. The locals say it more like “Boot-hill,” so if you go to Kennett looking for Sheryl and want to blend in, remember that.

Kennett is right down there in the Missouri Bootheel, about an hour-and-a-half north of Memphis, Tennessee. (St. Louis to Memphis is an easy drive, about 5 hours. I always say by the time I’m bored with the cotton and rice fields going by the car window, we’re there!)

The gorgeous women here in the “Heartland” of the USA have had a lifetime of being overshadowed by stories on women with California’s laid-back beauty, New York’s stylishness, and the charm of the Southern Belles, but now it’s OUR turn. We have our own collection of women’s wear, including jeans, thanks to Sheryl. You all better watch out: We know how to wear these jeans!


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