St. Louis Gateway Station: New Multimodal Transporation Center Soon to Open

October 18, 2008

Gateway Station is a beautiful new glass-and-steel transportation center that replaces the shameful “Am-shack” trailer that had served as the city’s “temporary” Amtrak station in downtown St. Louis since 1978. Gateway Station will soon allow easy trasfers between Amtrak (with four Amtrak platforms), MetroLink (the area’s sleek, phenominally successful and expanded light rail system), the regional Metro bus system, and national carrier Greyhound (with ten bus bays). Maybe this step-forward for our local transporation systems will position us favorably with the Chinese for “The Big Idea,” i.e., being selected as the location for the Mid-West US / China freight and commercial trade hub.

Gateway Station is located west of 14th Street and south of Clark Street, which puts it on the doorstep of the Scottrade Center (home of the St. Louis Blues hockey team) and just a few blocks from Busch Stadium (home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team), and Union Station’s shopping and dining. MetroLink runs from the Gateway Station serving miles of destinations west into St. Louis County, including Lambert-St. Louis airport, as well as east into Illinois for several miles, terminating at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville.

Amtrak is in the process of moving its operations over to the new center as of today, and I will update this post as the station moves along to full operations. I’ve watched the project from the groundbreaking as I went by the site on the MetroLink. The designers did a great job of fitting this complex transportation hub into an odd-shaped, tight space under I-64 highway. I haven’t been for a walk-through yet, myself, now that it’s starting to open to visitors and passengers, but I will do that soon.

photo courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

photo courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch


3 Responses to “St. Louis Gateway Station: New Multimodal Transporation Center Soon to Open”

  1. Ran Says:

    Any updates? I’d love to see pictures of the inside of the new digs. Thank you.

  2. donnajgamache Says:

    Thanks for stopping in–I haven’t gotten by the new station since my post, but I will make sure to run by tomorrow at lunch. I’m glad you’re interested! Drop me an e-mail at st_louis_chinese_corner @ and let me know where you hail from. I’ll post photos here either tomorrow after lunch (if I’m okay on my deadlines at work) or Wednesday before lunch. I have plans tomorrow night, so I know I won’t be on here then. Best regards.

  3. Ran Says:

    I emailed you; thanks for the updates.

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