Support Public Transit on November 4! (Please …?)

October 20, 2008




“St. Louis County voters will be asked Nov. 4 to approve a half-cent sales tax increase to provide funds for public transportation — sustaining the current Metro transit system and providing for future expansion of MetroLink light rail… .”

This little sentence on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch blog on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2008, and the paper’s endorsement, has set off the usual debate among the bloggers about waste, responsibility, and such that erupts when someone’s trying to get another half-cent out of them.

It’s always interesting to see what selfish, mean-spirited, short-sighted things people will say when they can post anonymously. Even if some of the examples of waste, poor decision-making, etc., that people give are true, wouldn’t the best solution be for them to get involved and make sure good decisions are made in the future, rather than to hobble the public transit system by voting against it? It’s something vital to the health and well being of the region. Those arguing the libertarian theme of “let those who use it pay for it” only say that because they can’t imagine they will ever need to use it. Let’s don’t allow the short-sighted run us off the rails here. EVERYBODY can afford to pay this tax, and I believe we need to vote yes on this.

St. Louis MetroLink Light Rail

St. Louis MetroLink Light Rail



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