Election Day is Finally Here: Newbies Jumping on the Bandwagon

November 4, 2008

i-voted-todayThis blog is not about politics, although political issues inform international business, and politics itself is a construct of our human nature. I try to stay away from taking political stands on here, because this is more about business tactics and cultural sharing. I think political soapboxing can drive away people who would be good contributors, but who may disagree with my own personal political ideas. It’s definitely not my goal to run anybody off once they find me!

That said, I just got back from voting today in the US presidential election. Of course there were many other things on the ballot–retaining judges, state amendments, local bond issues and such. Today, though, the focus is on the presidential election.

My husband and I went together. We got up earlier than usual (at 6:00 a.m.) and with barely one cup of coffee in my system, I drove us to our local polling place about a mile away. I vote in every (EVERY) election, no matter when it is and how few items on the ballot. I vote. Not everyone can say that, and it’s never more clear than in a presidential election where emotions are running high like they are in this one. It does bring out the people. I’ve been voting in this jurisdiction for 14 years now, and I have never had to stand in a line to do it. This morning my husband and I waited in line for an hour-and-a-half!

It’s exciting to see so many people engaged in our democratic process, but I have to ask where they are for the other elections? There is a lot at stake in this presidential race no matter who gets your vote, but in the end not more is at stake today than in the many small, local elections where your school district is asking you to support a single bond issue on the ballot for new computers or facility maintenance. Often the turn out on those election days is so small you could count it on two hands. To me that’s shameful.

Now that everyone and their dog has gotten out to vote today, let me say this to you first-timers and you occasional voters: Keep the info handy about where you went, what you did, etc., and get out and vote every election in the future. Us regulars are happy you bothered to come out today, but we’d really like your participation in our Democracy on a more regular basis.

See you at the polls.


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