Special Invitation (Shanghai), Saturday, 11/22/08

November 18, 2008

Art Liang (Liang Yee-Song)

Art Liang (Liang Yee-Song)

International art promoter, Mr. Art Liang, and his ArtNetworking team invite you to join them at 3:00 pm for an enjoyable afternoon of art and cocktails and conversation at Novotel Atlantis Shanghai’s Art50 Revolving Restaurant, 50/F, 728 Pu Dong Avenue.

ArtNetworking is an international art promotion business. Mr. Liang is a US citizen, who is well established as a business matchmaker in China and Taiwan. 

Wei Yi-Feng

Wei Yi-Feng

Featured artist at the 11/22 opening will be Ms. Wei Yi-Feng.

Here is a link to ArtNetworking Web site with samples of Wei Yi-Feng’s work. http://www.artnetworking.com/artist_detial.asp?authorid=WeiYiFeng05/07/2008

According to the artist’s statement, “For the artist Wei Yi-Feng, painting is both a meditation and an artistic expression. She draws inspiration from the contemplation of nature’s embrace and her art reflects this in the media of colour and ink on either traditional rice paper or on canvas. Her paintings can be seen not only as personal expressions, but as thought pieces on connecting points to nature for those who view them.


Wei Yi-Feng’s latest collection of works explores the cyclicality and interconnectivity of the elements of nature. Nature is at once both subject and observer and the viewer is drawn to reflect not only on the comings and goings within nature, but of our own place in the natural world. Just as seasons come and pass, so must we traverse through different phases in our own lifetimes. Wei Yi-Feng’s use of varied and contemporary styles in this collection, bring the viewer along an uneven path of nature and life, a path filled with challenges and emotions that reveal disintegration and regeneration, defiance and peace, death and rebirth.”



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