Thanksgiving Thoughts, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

November 27, 2008

Sunny day today in St. Louis, kind of chilly, in the 40s, totally expected this time of year. Brown leaves all over our yard this late into the Fall season. Need to rake those up over the weekend, before they smother the grass, but I always put a nice pile of them along the fence, by the back of the garage, so the possums have some bedding materials over the winter. I’ve actually seen one in the gray morning light early one December stabbing dry, dead leaves in the pile with its long, spear-like tail and then waddling up the hill with a mass of them in tow. I suppose it was heading to its den to add some more padding and insulation for a nice nap. I was mesmerized.

Possum face

Possum face

Nature is so amazing.

Don’t forget to keep some of your dry, fallen leaves for the possums!

perfectly designed for it's job.

Possum tail: perfectly designed for its purposes.

 It’s Thanksgiving Day. Nice to be able to sleep in this morning, which for me means NO ALARM CLOCK. I woke up about 8:20 a.m., made a cup of coffee, and sat down to check out the “ClustrMap” on my blog. I love to see new dots from new readers, and apparently it’s a motivator to get me up and moving even on a holiday. I was so happy to see my first dot today for a reader in South America. Now I’ve had readers on every inhabited continent (except Antarctica, which technically isn’t inhabited, unless you count the scientists). I’m not saying they don’t count, though. I would be grateful if anyone knows a scientist in Antarctica, and if so, please tell them to check out my blog!

The second thing I love to check each morning over my cup of coffee is a daily e-mail I receive from The Writer’s Almanac. If you love words, history, books, authors, and just knowledge in general, this site should interest you, and you can subscribe for free, too. It’s put together by Garrison Keiller, master storyteller and author, and it’s sponsored by National Public Radio.

"Garrison Keiller, Minnesota writer and humorist, whose name is synonymous with public radio and casual mid-western charm... ."*

"Minnesota writer and humorist, Garrison Keillor, whose name is synonymous with public radio and casual mid-western charm ... The author of 11 books, including Lake Wobegon Days and Wobegon Boy, Mr. Keillor is best known as the host of the weekly radio broadcast, A Prairie Home Companion... ."

Today’s dispatch contains the daily poem and several paragraphs about the US holiday and traditions of Thanksgiving. You can read it first, and then you can click on the “speaker” and have it read to you. Or vice versa.

Please let me know if you check this out and decide to subscribe, too, on my recommendation.


The Writer’s Almanac for Thursday, November 27, 2008


*photo caption courtesy of Central Washington University


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