Workers Storm China Toy Factory: Official Media Report Gains by Protesters; Labor Disputes Widen

November 27, 2008

wall-street-panic-cartoon1It’s sad to see what greedy, unprincipled behavior in the US securities markets is causing world wide. I hope everyone involved in the “mortgage-backed securities” investment hoax is rounded up and strung up.

Not only has the US job market tanked (the company I work for had its first layoffs in 25 years, plus pay cuts across the board for the rest of us), but the ripples are being felt around the world, as reported in the story/photos linked here about a particular city in southern China where toy factory workers are experiencing layoffs.

“The factory closures have sent tens of thousands of migrants back home, including some of the 400 employees recently laid off at Kaida Toys, the target of the latest protests.” (Reuters photo caption to Wall Street Journal WORLD story linked below.)  


The last caption in the serious of 7 or 8 photos by Reuters is my main point of the post here (although I still want to see the securities criminals strung up), and it says, “It is unclear whether the wave of reports about worker unrest reflects an actual increase in social instability, or if it is the result of greater freedom by the domestic media to cover it.” True enough: News and photos like this would never have made it out of China 10 years ago, maybe even five.

WSJ story & Reuters photos reported November 27, 2008


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