I “Heart” My Clustrmap

December 10, 2008

betty-boopheart-graphicPerhaps my favorite thing on this Web page is a widget called Clustrmap. You may have to scroll down the main page to see it, and it’s there, on the lower right hand side of the page. I have the free version, which was easy to set up and provides information about visitors that raises more questions for me than it answers.

It shows me updates to the map from the locations of visitors to my Web site and blog. I am absolutely amazed at the places where I have reached people. There is a map that gets red dots in various sizes to denote visitors, as well as a list of countries and numbers of hits–a legend, of sorts.

cup-of-coffeeI get a lot of enjoyment out of getting my cup of coffee in the morning and sitting down at my laptop in the living room to see if I’ve got more dots. I am sorry to say that the visitors most often don’t leave comments, so I don’t know exactly why they found me. I wish more visitors would leave notes.

Well, that’s all I have time and energy to post today. Thanks to all who have stopped by, and if you haven’t checked out the Clustrmap on this site, please do. If you have your own Web site or blog, set up a Clustrmap of your own and have fun tracking the places around the world where you reach people.

Oh, yeah: and when you stop by, please leave a comment!



2 Responses to “I “Heart” My Clustrmap”

  1. Natasha Baker Says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad you are getting hits from around the world. I’m also glad your event went well.

  2. zamadra Says:

    Olá Senhora Elizabeth,

    Eu gostei do seu blog/I like your blog
    Depois vou acessar com mais tempo/Before acess over time to see everything

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