George Clooney will just have to call me, when he hits town.

January 25, 2009

George Clooney

George Clooney

I missed the local auditions for a part as an extra in his new movie, titled “Up in the Air.”

Here’s the whole sad story:

 I upgraded my old flip phone and iPaq to a Moto Q smart phone last Sunday. I’ve been messing around with my new smart phone on and off this week—I think I have it pretty well figured out, being pretty “smart,” myself.

My new best friend, Mr. Moto Q.

Moto Q

Spending time on the new toy, among other things, kept me really busy, however, and I missed an opportunity not only to try out for a part, myself, but also to let you know about the auditions over this weekend (January 24 & 25) in St. Louis. Auditions were being held for “extras” in a movie that is being filmed in St. Louis over the next five months.

The movie stars George Clooney, in case I forgot to mention that fact, and many of us in the St. Louis metro area are exceptionally excited about this.

So there goes my shot at becoming part of movie history.


I’m sure I will have a chance to watch some of the filming on streets around town, once the work gets started. I won’t be in the film, myself, so George Clooney will just have to call me, when he hits town, if he wants to meet me.


PS: George, I have a new smart phone. It’s charged, and “operators are standing by to take your call.”

PPS: My husband said if I can get you to go out to dinner with me, he’ll buy.  

Hi, George (call me!) LOL

Hi, George (call me!) LOL





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