March 7, 2009: Fundraiser for Humane Society of Missouri (St. Louis)

February 20, 2009

Yorkies, copyright Adamson Studios

Yorkies, copyright Adamson Studios

Many of you saw the segment today on Oprah about the rescue of Yorkies from a puppy mill in Missouri. That wasn’t the only rescue from a puppy mill this week in Missouri by this same overworked St. Louis-based animal welfare agency. While the Oprah show ran today, another 209 animals, including a Bengal tiger, were seized from another mill. Sadly, Missouri is known as the “puppy mill capitol of the Midwest.”

You can help the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) raise funds to care for these animals, while they and many Missouri citizens work through the state legislature for stronger sanctions against this money-making abomination. HSMO is having an event on March 7 called “Art for Animals,” which is an auction of one-of-a-kind pet beds made and donated by some of the St. Louis area’s top designers, including Louisa Hardwrict and Sandy Chiu of Lawrence Group.

Here’s a link to the Web site with pictures of the beds and the stories behind them. Please bid on a bed, or just make a tax-deductible donation, if you can help. Art for Animals fundraiser link

One of the beds (#8–The Pooch Bed) was done by two of my co-workers, Sandy Chiu and Louisa Hardwrict, interior designers with Lawrence Group. They were more excited about this project than I can describe. They called their combined effort “Cheweezie,” a new design collaborative. These young ladies put their hearts and souls and great enthusiasm into this volunteer project. Their wish is that this will be a big money-maker for the HSMO cause.

Here are photos of the two designers, Sandy & Louisa, and their entry, The Pooch Bed.


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