Beautiful Spring in St. Louis, Missouri

April 12, 2009

Robin Red-Breast

Robin Red-Breast


As each day passes, it becomes less likely that St. Louis will have snow again this season. Snow is not an impossibility, but at this point, it would melt quickly, as the ground is warming. This makes me happy: I’m not a fan of snow, or cold weather, for that matter.

My favorite temperature range is between 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a wide range, but to me the range that is most comfortably “perfect,” and that is whether it’s sunny or cloudy. We’ve had several days in that range in the last few weeks. I think it is the perfect temperature for the birds in our backyard, too. They are busy, busy, busy these days. I’ve been watching the robins and grackles taking turns splashing in our birdbath. It’s “dating season,” and they are all sprucing up, it seems.

Red-bud in my backyard

Red-bud in my backyard

I took a few pictures yesterday of nature coming alive again now that “spring has sprung,” as we say. One of the photos is of a red-bud tree in our backyard. The other deciduous trees are also slowly coming alive, buds opening into leaves, and it’s such a relief to know that the easier days of warm weather and backyard barbeques are almost here!

The other photo is of our sweet cat Eliza watching the world go by safety from the window in our living room. This time last year she was a homeless stray living outdoors and struggling to find her food and shelter each day.

Eliza in the window

Eliza in the window

Eliza is part of our family now, and she enjoys her easier, peaceful life. Every evening she comes and curls up on my lap for a nap.

We’ve had a lot of rain and a few freeze warnings in the last few weeks, but I can stand on the front porch in my bare feet without my toes going numb from the cold. The day is coming soon when we will be able to put away our coats and hats and gloves in the closet for six months or so and roll out the Weber kettle grill for the season. That’s my favorite day of the year!weber_compact_grill_47cm_charcoal_bbq_l


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