Do you check my blogroll?

April 12, 2009

The blogroll is a hand-selected list of other blogs that I think will be of interest to the people who visit my blog.

I added a new link yesterday for a blogroll called “Learning Chinese & Living in China.”  The blogger, Mr. Phil Kongtcheu, is a new contact on LinkedIn as a member of the LinkedIn group, Friends of China.

Phil Kongtcheu

Phil Kongtcheu

Mr. Kongtcheu’s profile presents a most fascinating and learned person, studying at several universities, including Tsinghua University Language & Culture School (Beijing, China),

Tsinghua University Library, Beijing, China

Tsinghua University Library, Beijing, China

I am an inventor and entrepreneur with special focus on derivatives pricing, hedging, trading and risk management; I have developed the concept of BICs (Basis Instruments Contracts*) to facilitate the resolution of critical issues arising therein, with substantial consequences in mathematics, economics, engineering and wider philosophical issues. I am fluent in English, French, Chinese and the Ghomala and Pidgin languages of Cameroon; I have basic communication skills in Spanish, Italian and German.

His blog is substantive and beautifully done.

Editor’s note: I have also been to the Tsinghua University campus in Beijing, China. I was not there as a student, unfortunately; I was there as a visitor, and I bought several books in the university bookstore. I also bought a baseball cap with the university logo on it as a souvenir for my husband. He wears it often, and he has met many people in St. Louis from China, who recognize the logo. It has begun many enjoyable conversations!

*BICs links to his book on Amazon on these theories, especially of interest now, with the recent worldwide economic events


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