Midwest China Hub Commission Opens Office in Beijing

April 12, 2009

The St. Louis County Economic Council released the following information to the news media recently, indicating further movement in the positive direction towards establishing St. Louis, Missouri, as a Midwest China Hub for air cargo and trade:

Commission at Beijing Office

Commission at Beijing Office

ST. LOUIS, MO, April, 2009 — A delegation from the Midwest China Hub Commission travelled to Beijing in mid-March to continue talks with Chinese leaders. The goal of the trip was to promote economic ties between China and the Midwest through the creation of a St. Louis commercial air cargo hub. The strong working interest between St. Louis leaders and Chinese officials in advancing trade links prompted the opening of the Beijing office.

Mike Jones | Senior Policy Advisor

Mike Jones | China Hub Commission Chair

“With more than a year of discussions with Chinese officials, we are making concrete steps toward building the foundation of this ever-important project,” said Midwest China Hub Commission Chairman Mike Jones. “There is a significant level of interest on the part of the Chinese. Our Beijing-based office will allow us to be more productive with our communications and overall efforts with Chinese leaders.”

The Beijing office, which is housed in the building of London Export Corporation (LEC), will support the Commission’s efforts in administrative and research functions. It is in close proximity to key government offices and will act as the direct liaison with Chinese officials.

LEC Managing Director Stephen Perry, also is chairman of the 48 Group Club, an independent business network committed to promoting positive relations with China.

“Interest remains keen on both sides, and the opening the Beijing office is another step forward in a long-term effort by community leaders and our counterparts to work together to create an air cargo hub in St. Louis,” said Perry. The Beijing office represents the Commission’s commitment to the success of the project.

On January 26, the start of the Chinese New Year, China’s Ambassador to the United States Zhou Wenzhong came to St. Louis in coordination with St. Louis leaders to announce the formation of the Midwest China Hub Commission. The Commission, a public/private entity, is comprised of state and local governmental and business leaders working in partnership with China to coordinate efforts to make St. Louis a hub for China’s Midwest trade.


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