Future Generations China ecology blog added to blogroll

April 25, 2009

I hope you will check it out.

I thought while St. Louis is busy celebrating Earth Day at Forest Park, it would be a nice idea to show some of the ecological ideas and work coming out of China.

Ecology education begins in China's elementary schools.

Ecology education begins in China's elementary schools.

I am linking two sites, one in Chinese and one in English.

If you don’t read Chinese characters, don’t be scared off when you see the text in Chinese. There are videos on the site that are narrated in English, and they present amazing information about the ecological diversity of China.

Also, to get some sense of the Chinese written text, you can use the Babelfish Website translation tool, which I have linked here. It’s a funky translation tool, because it is very literal, and Chinese is more nuanced than that; however, it’s better than nothing, and if you care to put in a little effort, you will be able to get information in return.

Of course, if you read Chinese characters, this is an easy assignment!

The Long Green March

The Long Green March

I am also linking to a Web site in English with related information here about The Green Long March, a key part in the greening of China, so please visit this site, as well. Please also do visit the blog, as well, so you can watch the wonderful videos. Here is a bonus for the “English-only” readers and an extra treat for those bi-lingual Eng/Chi: I am linking a Web site in English called Cleaner Greener China.

Editor’s note: Of course we have studied enough history to appreciate the clever link between the name of The Green Long March for ecology, and a strong China, and The Long March of Chairman Mao in 1934-35. The naming of the ecology event surely shows its importance to the organizers and all who support it!

Image of elementary school children from Future Generations China via the Web.


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