The News Hour with Jim Lehrer Spotlights St. Louis | April 27, 2009

April 26, 2009


The April 20, 2009, MondayMemo from the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association (RCGA) reported,

St. Louis In The National Spotlight On The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer: Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff, Spencer Michels and Paul Solman of The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer are here in St. Louis through the end of April to file national stories on how President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office have impacted our community. Producers of the highly respected news program chose the St. Louis region as the first of three spotlight regions for 2009, to explore issues relating to the economy, education, science and public media. The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer airs on KETC/Channel 9 Monday through Friday at 6 p.m.

RCGA has been working with KETC President & CEO Jack Galmiche and his team on research and data on these issues, as well as on prospective venues, story ideas and interview prospects.  Over the next three weeks, Ifill, Woodruff, Michels, and Solman will attend forums and discussions throughout the bi-state region focusing on these varied topics. Their reports will be filed in “Spotlight City” segments that will air nationally on the NewsHour on Monday, April 27th and Tuesday, April 28th.  The final event will be a Town Hall Meeting that will take place at Channel 9’s studio and will air during the NewsHour on Wednesday, April 29th.

A television crew from KETC is accompanying the NewsHour team during their stay in St. Louis and will produce five, 30-minute follow-up programs that will be broadcast locally. One will air at 7 p.m. after each broadcast of the NewsHour from April 27th to May 1st.

The schedule for NewsHour events was as follows:

  • Friday, April 17 – At Lindenwood University , NewsHour business and economics correspondent Paul Solman interviewed The Newberry Group founder and CEO Brenda Newberry, Quilogy CEO Randy Schilling, St. Charles Community College President Dr. John McGuire, and David Ross, President of Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, about economic and financial issues before an audience of business, civic and education professionals. This will be broadcast locally on Channel 9 on April 27th.
  • Monday, April 20 – At Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville , Channel 9 senior producer Jim Kirchherr served as moderator of the Regional Energy Summit 2009.  Immediately following, NewsHour producer and correspondent Spencer Michels moderated a panel on the economy to engage the region’s community leaders on financial issues.  RCGA Board members Bruce Holland, President & CEO of Holland Construction Services, and Herman Seedorf III, Refinery Manager at ConocoPhillips Wood River Refinery, along with Leadership Council Executive Director Patrick McKeehan participated in the panels.  This morning’s program was hosted by Southwestern Illinois College President Dr. Georgia Costello, and included both Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Congressman Jerry Costello.  Portions of the event will be broadcast locally on Channel 9 on April 30th.
  • Wednesday, April 22 – At the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center , NewsHour senior correspondent Judy Woodruff will explore the impact of plant science issues on the region and world, and the intersection of science with politics and public policy.  Leaders of area scientific institutions will be on the panel; the audience will include members of the Missouri METS Coalition and the bio-technology community.  This will be broadcast locally on Channel 9 on April 28th.
  • Sunday, April 26 – Former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter and editor Dick Weil and his wife, Josephine, will host a gathering of KETC donors and St. Louis Beacon reporters.  Remarks by NewsHour senior correspondent Gwen Ifill will highlight the event.
  • Monday, April 27 – The importance of the revitalization of the St. Louis region’s central city and the region’s sustainability and vibrancy will be explored in a forum hosted by NewsHour senior correspondent Gwen Ifill. The location is not yet determined. The audience will include St. Louis business, civic and education leaders, including RCGA Vice President for Business Recruitment Jim Alexander. This will be broadcast locally on Channel 9 on April 30th.
  • Monday, April 27Gwen Ifill will address KETC Legacy 9 members, longtime station members and board members at a luncheon at the Sheldon Concert Hall.
  • Tuesday, April 28NewsHour senior correspondent Judy Woodruff will host a discussion at KETC that examines the concept of public media in the digital age. Guests include college students and professors from area universities.
  • Tuesday, April 28 – KETC will host an hour-long Community Town Hall Meeting moderated by Gwen Ifill before an audience of 150 guests representing a cross section of area residents. A segment of the Town Hall Meeting will air on The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer on Wednesday, April 29th. The Town Hall Meeting will be broadcast locally on Channel 9 at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 1st.

3 Responses to “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer Spotlights St. Louis | April 27, 2009”

  1. Shirlee Kimsey Says:

    I unfortunately saw the press portion of
    the 100 Day speech but didn’t know of the
    citizen conference/speech. Can I get it
    on line?

  2. donnajgamache Says:

    Good question, and I don’t know the answer, but I will find out and post the answer here. Thanks for your visit and taking the time to post a comment. I really appreciate your interest. DG

  3. donnajgamache Says:

    Looks like it’s available in several installments on KETC-TV Channel 9, St. Louis.

    Here is the URL:

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