St. Louis Post-Dispatch art critic David Bonetti writes about local furniture-maker John Beck’s “industrial chic” designs

May 25, 2009

John Beck was one of the artists and retailers at the forefront of the most recent commercial, street-level renaissance in downtown St. Louis.

His studio and storefront is a solid fixture on Locust, in an area that has seen lots of growth in the last decade and which has great additional potential. John is doing a lot of interesting, successful things both artistically and commercially.

Enjoy the recent story > linked < here, and let him know where you saw it posted.

Fire Cube
Fire Cube

Editor’s note: Here is an example of one of John’s designs, and a copy/paste of another short piece posted at,

The Fire Cube from John Beck Paper & Steel provides the warmth and ambiance of a real wood fire without smoke, ash, fumes or electricity. Even better? The 18″ square cube can be used indoors and outdoors.

The sleek fire cube is hand made and contains four cans of clean burning alcohol-based gel fuel with flames that reach 6″ to 8″ tall and produce 3,000 BTUs each. The fuel is made of pure alcohol, water, salt and thickeners. No logs or gas supply are needed.

“I wanted the user to be able easily and quickly have the warmth and glow of a natural fire without all the usual work and necessary parts to create a real wood burning fire,” said John Beck, founder of John Beck Paper & Steel.


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