St. Louis Making Its Pitch to the Nation with All Star Game

June 30, 2009

Classic "bird on the bat" logo

Classic "bird on the bat" logo

It’s going to be crazy (and lots of fun for baseball fans) in downtown St. Louis on July 14. That’s the day the 2009 All-Star Game will be played at Busch Stadium. There are a lot of banners and other baseball-related decorations going up downtown, and St. Louis will be ready for the national spotlight. It’s quite an honor for our team and our city to host this. I’ve linked the >official Web site of the St. Louis Cardinals< here for more information.

A story I’m linking here that is on >< today quotes Brian Hall, a spokesman for the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, as saying that their Web site traffic is up 300,000 hits from this time last year when the economy was certainly better than it is now. (I’m having Web-site envy!)



I’ve already got a great seat to watch the game—it’s in my comfy chair at home. It will be interesting to see how the city looks on the national television coverage of this high-profile major national sports event, and if our Cardinals All-Star Team members can be a decisive factor in their National League team doing some damage to the American League team this year.

Pujols at bat

Pujols at bat

St. Louis Cardinals fans have voted to land Albert Pujols (Cardinals first baseman) and Yadier Molina (Cardinals catcher) on the team. The international make-up of baseball today will guarantee a broadcast audience larger than just in the USA. Baseball is followed closely in Puerto Ric0 (home of Yadier Molina), the island nations of Dominican Republic (home of Pujols and many major league players), Cuba and other Latin American countries.

It’s also played with fierce competitiveness by leagues in Asia including Japan and Taiwan. I worked with a sports reporter from China a few years ago, who was doing a story for a weekly soccer newspaper there on the US cities that hosted modern Olympics (Los Angeles, twice; Atlanta, once; St. Louis, once.) The reporter found the devotion of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans so interesting that she included a separate story. Leave a comment here me if you want a “pdf file” copy of it.

Go, National League!


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